About Us

HealthBox is a full service PR and communication company, we help mission-driven organisations develop brands and implement creative programs and campaigns to inspire change.


With focus on Africa, our services span from media production, brand strategy, public relations, event management, social project management and media relations. We have a team of passionate professionals who create bold ideas and collectively champion worthy causes for companies.


Our clienteles range from multinational to private companies, NGOs and government. Our business category experience spans in the following areas:

  • Healthcare and Beauty,
  • Food and Beverages,
  • Tourism,
  • Social Projects Management

Our mission is to support the efforts of companies and organizations who work to improve lives.



We are proud of our media production division. Here  we infuse the art of storytelling with the science of reaching the souls of the target audience leaving an impressive storyline. We do advertising, documentaries and corporate films (company short films and product profiles).

Our production team are experienced and creative, they are made-up of strong script writers, skilled camera persons, journalists, editors, film makers, project managers and animators. They are saddled with the responsibilities of making ideas and motion pictures come alive.

  1. Documentary:  A documentary is a film about the real life, event or even a process. We have the technical acumen needed for documentary film-making. After analysing subjects critically to understand the message it carries, we explore ways of communicating it with efficacy.
  2. Advertising: The story of who you are and how you want people to see you is advertisement. Here we turn insights into creative ideas that powerfully connect with your audience. From TV, Print, Radio to digital, email, outdoor (billboard), advert is your way of thinking, It is a way of life.
  3. Corporate Film:  A well-crafted corporate film inspires viewers to believe your idea and objectives. In a simple manner, it’s a more successful way of communicating to your audience since for everything you say and do, there is a visual display following your words.

“Nothing tells your story better and stronger than a video presentation, it leaves an impressive and memorable impact if well packaged with good storyline”.


At this unit, we help foundations, businesses, non-profit organisations and government round the world unleash their potential to reimage social change. We support them to find new ways to achieve real result against society’s tough challenges. We combine practical advice with unconventional thinking to create a more sustainable future.

Here our services span from capacity building, empowerment projects, health campaign, data collection, impact evaluation etc. HealthBox is well known for collective impact and shared value, taking a system thinking. We help our clients make progress on societal issues by navigating complex system and align CSR portfolio that achieve measurable outcomes.


We make complex messages comprehensible and compelling. Our team help organisations create reputable content that delivers results. We know the forces driving change in different sectors and can develop programs to influence right behaviour among targeted audience. We address critical issues and connect with every stakeholder.  PR is all about reaching your audience in the most appropriate way.


We plan and manage event that offer engagement, positioning and networking opportunities to help drive the most effective communication strategy for our client. These include conferences, product/service launch, round table, annual meetings etc. HealthBox also develop her external trainings and exhibitions for stakeholders to cross fertilize ideas and be exposed to latest trend.


Teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

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Remember “Old Ways Don’t Open New Doors”.
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