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Healthbox is a Pan-African life-science and human-care company dedicated to swift response of healthcare needs at all levels in the continent. With operations in 3 West African countries (Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast), we have grown over half a decade with deep knowledge of the healthcare sector of the terrain. We are a two arm company, one wing in Healthcare Technology and the other wing on Healthcare Communication.

Our History

The company was established in 2011 and got its business registration certificate by CAC in 2013. We started off as a healthcare communication agency, helping mission-driven organisations develop projects and implement creative programs and campaigns to inspire change and healthy lifestyle. With focus on Africa, our services span from media production (documentaries and corporate videos), public relations, event management, social project management and media relations. Our clienteles range from Hospital CEOs to Multinationals, Private Companies, Academic Institutes, NGOs and Government. We produce conferences and hold exhibitions for healthcare professionals at all level (Cardiologists, Fertility Doctors, Gynae & Obstetricians, Urologist, Lab scientists, Nurses, Anaesthesiologists, Paediatrics, Nephrologists, Embryologists, etc).

Five years later, with maturation of our business in healthcare communication, we began considering expansion and diversification strategy. So in 2017 the technology arm was considered, a handshake between two sales persons threaded the needle for the creation of Healthbox Technology. Since then, we are working closely with hospitals, Ministries of Health, NGOs, Universities and different diagnostic centres on delivering unmatched technology and budget friendly services.


The expansion into Healthcare technology is a massive upgrade of our business potential. Infact our deep knowledge of the West African terrain have given us experience to make customised deliveries and solutions within the region. We are professionally sorting and providing top notch innovative and budget friendly equipment to doctors and healthcare facilities.


We are more than 10 dedicated-experienced sale persons and factory trained service engineers, passionate about building and expanding quality healthcare technology



With dedication to patient comfort /safety and customers’ satisfaction, we offer a complete line of industry-leading brands, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, training and maintenance in:

  1. Diagnostic
  2. Cardiology
  3. ICU and Emergency
  4. Laboratory
  5. Theatre (Light and electric surgical table)
  6. Neonate and Paediatric
  7. Hospital Furniture and Hollowware
  8. Hospital IT Solution
  9. Electrosurgical and Consumables
Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

Our mission is to collectively support the efforts of healthcare workers and organisations who work to save and improve lives. To achieve unhindered growth in meeting their needs.


To be a leader in providing value added constructive services in the Africa’s healthcare sphere and also create successful partnerships with industry’s leading brand.


Healthbox is more than just a reputable name in the health sector, we are a concept. A concept embracing fidelity and stretching a benchmark to deliver world-class technology efficiently at affordable rate and with unmatched standards for patient safety, comfort, innovation, workflow goals and customer satisfaction.